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Top Ten Video Game Characters on Mobile Games

angrybirdsVideo games have become huge for mobile smartphones and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that has not heard of Angry Birds. And with the popularity of tablets, video game developers are also updating their smartphone games to work on tablets also. The folks at MODOJO have created a top ten list of video game characters that first appeared on mobile that I thought was pretty interesting and wanted to share with you. Perhaps let us know what you think and add your own characters in the comments below.

Top 10 Video Game Characters That First Appeared On Mobile

10) Cordy

9) Agent Squeak (Spy Mouse)

8) Burger Cat

7)  The Scythian (Sword & Sorcery)

6) The Doodler (Doodle Jump)

5)  The God King (Infinity Blade I & II)

4) Barry Steakfries (Age of Zombies)

3) Swampy (Where’s my Water?)

2) Om Nom (Cut The Rope)

1) The Angry Birds

I know shocker right? Angry Birds by Rovio is is a huge success and has kept up with demand by creating several new games with Angry Birds to keep the addicts coming back for more!So what is your favorite mobile smartphone character? Mine would have to be Om Nom but I know it is not anywhere near the size of the Angry Birds steam roller. Leave a comment and let us know what characters they missed and what your favorite is.