Kristofer has found another great deal going on over at  Today they’re offering up a 16gb Microsd card for only 19.99$.  Deal expires at midnight tonight again.  Jump on this if you need more room for your music-maker or cellphone as long as you’re lucky enough to have removable storage.  If no removable storage and harshly dictated terms of service are more your thing then also has a pretty sweet deal going on.  89.99$ for a 5th gen. 8gb Nano with 5$ shipping.  Happy shopping everyone.



  1. It’s still cheaper after shipping (25.99) than any 16gb card you can buy anywhere else… INCLUDING ebay.

    Since my HD2 already came with one, I’ll pass and wait for the class4+ 32gb card… yes, I know I’ll be waiting around 1 year for that.

  2. But, I did pass this on to a lot of EVO 4G pre-ordering friends, since they only get 8GB with their phone.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. dont buy a class 2 card… especially if you plan to load up 16 gigs on it… horribly slow to do anything with and chances are will get corrupted… thats speaking from personal experience

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