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Avoid Speed Traps With Trapster

For some time people have asked for a WM app that helps them detect speed traps and today Trapster was released for WM. Based on other users tips and an active GPS signal the application will warn you when you are approaching speed traps. Since this app works on a lot of platforms it becomes increasingly accurate over time.

There are a few neat features to the WM version:

Map Display
The red dot automatically follows your current GPS location in real time. The emanating blips show the Virtual Radar® alert zone. The alert zone dynamically narrows and elongates based on your velocity and direction of travel. Icons animate while the corresponding audio alert is played.

Trap Types
This screen appears when you press "Report a Trap" in the lower left corner of your screen. You can then choose from the 7 trap types listed.

Local Search
Click the search icon in upper right corner. Enter your search term and get local results. Choose your listing to find the location on the map.

Local Search On Map
After making your selection, your choice is called out on the map with easy access to get more information about this location.

Click the route icon in upper right corner next to search. This feature allows you to input your destination and plot your route from stat to end point.

Alert Settings
This screen allows you to set the type of alert and frequency of alerts you want to receive.

The download is available from their website here. Oh and no, this does not mean that you can speed and you’ll never get caught so don’t blame us for what you do with this:)

via 1800PocketPC