While a lot of US Android fans of the first Galaxy S device have been moaning about the release first to Korea, we are left here wondering when there will be some announcement as to when and what the Samsung devices will be called. Today we still do not know when, but we have an online accessory store Wireless Xcessories Group that  has let the cat out of the bag with the US Carriers names for the very successful Samsung Galaxy devices. Here they are:

  • AT&T’s version will be called the “Attain” (formerly the Captivate)
  • Verizon’s version will be called the “Function” (formerly the Fascinate)
  • Sprint’s version will be called the “Within” (formerly the Epic 4G)

Missing fro the list is the T-Mobile Vibrant replacement which could mean only two things. One would be that T-Mobile would not carry the device or two it is going to have a unique design all it’s own setting apart from the other US Carriers.  Good news is that we should see a lot of accessories for the US Carrier version of the Galaxy S II because they all appear to share the same design.

Source: Pocketnow


  1. those are truely terrible names. i think they could sell more if they didnt come up with these stupid names. whats wrong with calling it a galaxy s 2? sure its not that great but i really cant buy a phone called an “attain”.

  2. Hey come on,

    All those kids with expensive marketing degrees need something to do ;-)

  3. I guess the carriers will only allow Apple to call all their iPhones….well iPhones. And we know how that worked out. Please dump the silly names.

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