I know the iPhone was on presale so customers didn’t have to go to a store to get one, but that was only for existing customers of Verizon. Today was the official first day of sales and everyone seems to be talking about how few people were in line. CNN is reporting that the Apple flagship store in NY had a line of 8 people at opening. That’s the store you see on tv all the time with lines days before. But Engadget has the best video ever (which it turns out they got from NeoWin who posted it first). This is Mall of America and just look at the…large empty space as a single person walks in to twenty clapping employees.

So we don’t have day one sales, but if they really are this bad, then Windows Phone 7 may have outsold it today…sure just silly speculation but who would have thought you would even ponder that possibility?


  1. Twit TV reported live earlier today, Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco had about 100 employees and 3 people in line. one being the TWit reporter. Epic Fail!!!

  2. Considering the supposedly massive pre-orders i’d say that the ones who most wanted the iphones already have them on their way. I know more than a few people who are more than satisfied with their “Droids” as they call them and didn’t even give the iphone a second thought.

    I must admit that Android has firmly established its place as 1a in the minds of alot of people.

  3. Maybe owning an iphone makes a difference but after playing with several iphone 4s; I’m more than satisfied having gone with the WP7. Sure there are a lot of things I don’t have yet like Copy and Paste and the cool games available to Iphone but I don’t feel I’m missing out on much. Now that I’m able to sideload apps(which voice to text was all I wanted[haha it has a hard time recognizing my accent]) I feel happier with my phone.

    For some vague reason having my customizable accent colors has made my phone completely perfect.

  4. I would buy an iPhone if I felt I had a good way of syncing it with the rest of my life’s data. Even with an iMac, Leopard and Office 2011, syncing to the Touch 4G was such a pain — especially freakin’ iTunes — that I scrapped the whole setup. I looked into the Droid and it appears stable upgrades are a roll of the dice, consumer support from Google doesn’t exist, and carriers don’t staff Droid-knowledgable techs so there is no way I’m going to depend on a Droid phone. So, this weekend I ordered 3 WP7 phones since my experience with Windows 7, 360 and Zune have been the best PC, entertainment and media experience yet — I need a smartphone, and I’m hoping the warm-fuzzy experience continues with my HTC WP7 phone.

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