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PSA: When Texting Takes Over

Just picked up a Kinect so I was on the hunt for some cheap games on Craigslist to go along with it and then I saw this:

i have a red wii barly use we bought it for xmas for my son n he dont really like it he has xboox 360 wit the kinect he enjoys it n a ps3… im tryin too get rid of it asap it has the box all the accs, manuals, n games it goes for 150 in da store new but u wont find the red one or anything wit games u.. so please contact me @ ####### prices is firm da lowest ill g is 200$ cash thank u… if u want pics just call r text n tell me

Srsly wtf haz we dun 2 b lik dis?

or as iChris put it “I sey u rite hm a email bout da Wii n da sam bs eng.”

Look, do what you want to get it down to 160 characters when you’re texting but outside of that…well don’t do this.