9 posts in a row Engadget? I know other companies held back on press releases today, but a bit much, no? Look at how bad it’s gotten- I’m posting on the iPhone news while trying to avoid it.



  1. One reason why I am always surprised anyone links to WP7 stories by them, their bias towards apple is obvious and they never have anything good to say about any other OS, always manage to slide in a snide comment.

  2. Personally I would take neither, I think certain bloggers have entirely too much influence and that is made worse by the fact that most people cant think for themselves and actually believe the BS these popular blogs spew. Too easy to be one of the crowd and let someone else do your thinking.

  3. Of course they would post everything about apple multiple times. Just look at their photos, all of their bloggers carry a Mac. The site’s parent is AOL which is owned by Time Warner, a movie studio. Which movie studio is not associated with Apple? I bet all their Macs are free. Most of their readers are Mac supporters so you can’t get any good any comment out of them on MS products.

  4. Oh look, apple redesigned the antenna! They flipped it around so now you have to hold it exclusively with your right hand. :D

  5. I’m going to say that Apple made a big mistake by making the buttons and headphone jack position changes… Cases for two different phones that are both called iPhone 4? That’s silly.

  6. @Chris Leiter: I doubt that is a mistake. It’s more likely a conspiracy between apple and the accessory manufacturers so they can get more money out of consumers. I wouldn’t be supprised if apple gets a cut from the major case makers.

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