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War Of The Phones

I know it has been a while since I posted. I have been incredibly busy with work, and a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the websites. We have some cool stuff coming in the near future that I think everyone is going to like. I think we also got our Web Hosting issues solved. So stay tuned as we continue to try to make this a great community for everyone to enjoy.

So as I was trying to catch up on all the news, I came across an article by our Friend Gil Bouhnick over at the Mobile Spoon that I thought you all would like to have a read about. Gil is famous for is awesome artwork (pictured here) and comparing devices. Gil changes devices more often than he changes his……ah……Let’s just say he has got A LOT of devices. (at least more than me). So Gil straps the gloves on some of his favorite devices and let’s them “duke” it out once more.

I read through Gil’s article once, and already had my own differences to some of his conclusions, but like Gil states: “The rules are simple: I set the rules.”. I’m sure all you may have your own opinions and we want to hear them! Please leave a comment and let us know how your Windows Mobile Device measures up against some of the compared devices listed in Gil’s article.

To spice things up, I am going to turn this into a contest. Hey, I’ve been MIA for a while now so why not give away some FREE stuff! All you have to do is leave a RELAVANT comment about Gil’s article and whether you agree or disagree with anything stated and you will be eligible to win a random prize donated to us by Test Freaks and Dragon Steel Mods. Not telling what’s in the stash, so you will have to wait and see!

First Head on over to Mobile Spoon and check out the comparison, then leave us a comment!

The winner will will be drawn randomly from a comment left on all our websites, so it doesn’t matter where you post, Tilt Mobility, Fuze Mobility, or Mobility Digest, you still can win!

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