Now this is good news. Lazyworm Apps is partnering with Seles Games to bring Weave, the best RSS reader for WP8, to Win8. I honestly can’t wait. Take my money please! Sent from my Windows Phone


  1. After this whole Reader debacle I’ve since switched to Feedly. I’m now not missing G Reader at all with all the functionality that Feedly contains.  There’s a great Chrome extension for it as well so it’ll run on Windows 8.

    • JamesSchneider I’ve been in denial about this, convinced that Google Reader will stay alive beyond July, but you just tipped me over the edge to at least try one of the alternatives now.

      • I really am surprised with Feedly, I love the HUGE check mark at the bottom of your feed list to mark all as read.  Just a nice little feature.  If is a better option out there I’m all ears.

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