Windows Phone 7 Series…it’s too long. So what are we going to call it? I’ve been shortening it to WP7. I think that’s in line with what we did to Windows Mobile 6.5 by calling it WM6.5 for example. Over at XDA they are compiling a list of shortened names.

Can we all live with WP7?


  1. im way too attahed to WinMo… i would much rather say WM7 than WP7.. Windows Phone 7 series just sounds like too much…

  2. I will most likely not stop calling it by it’s usual and most affectionate name DAMN PHONE or in this case DAMN PHONE 7! You can shorten this if you like to DP7 but usually people tend to replace it when typing with the acronym P.O.S. MAX version 7.23529.6.5.xxxx NRG. I hope this helps and do appologize for the candid nature of my post, I suppose the topic was just begging for it.

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