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Vlingo Beta Available for the Fuze

setup 2 I presume most of you have heard about Vlingo by now (if not from an angry WM user who feels slighted or by an iPhone user or BB users bragging). If not:

Vlingo lets you control your mobile phone with the power of voice. With Vlingo, you can simply speak to your phone to send a text or email message, call a friend, search the mobile web, update your social status, and more. As the inventor of the mobile phone voice user interface, Vlingo is the only technology that allows you to open and use virtually any application on the phone simply by pressing a button and speaking to the phone.

Recently a beta was released for WM but it was for a handful of phones and the Fuze/Touch Pro was not included on the list. That won’t stop us from testing it though:) Rdavidsmith from PPCGeeks has provided a ‘fixed’ cab that works on the Fuze (which I also uploaded here to our forums for conveniences).  So let’s go through a few setup shots followed by my initial findings:

Here are the setup screenshots in order (I left out a few really boring ones:)):

setup 4

OK so once set up pressing and holding the ‘talk’ button prompts Vlingo and you can begin using it. Another press/hold tells it you are done. First shot was launching the camera…smooth as silk. Next attempt was making a phone call (yes, I know Voice Command does this too) and that led to a crash. So I performed a soft reset to get Vlingo to reload and tried to send an email…which led to the same crash. I’ve just started to play with this but I wanted to share it with everyone asap.

Installing to my storage card failed (so main memory appears to be required). I have also posted the ‘help’ file in our forums which provides the different possible commands here in our forums. Apparently this will not work for 6.5 ROMs but please report your findings.

So, if anyone else is up for testing please share your results. This app has a ton of potential so lets hope there’s more good than bad in this beta.