So yeah.  I’m sort of ashamed.  Like that guy on the right.  Not because my Fuze is Windows Mobile, but because everything is so outdated.  The Fuze is more than capable of doing just about everything any newer smart phone can do, short of its own hardware limits but 2.8″ of VGA resolution is making me feel inadequate.  Anyway, enough hardware talk.  You guys know that end.  Let’s get started on the software.  Rom first.

I flash like a drunk whore at Mardi Gras but I really like the WMPoweruser roms for stability.  Energy crashes all the freaking time for me, even with no additional apps.  Ever since they got rid of the VGA test devices the Fuze Roms sort of blow.  Preinstalled apps are great but I’d rather have a clean ROM because I keep all my apps local on my SD card.  Oh and I have 6 different UI’s on my phone as of now.  I had winterface but that sucks nuts.  No one wants an iPhone.  App List and Developer Links after the break!

Before I break down the App list for you I want to give you guys some links.  See, the way I find apps is I stumble on a kick ass developer and then I go and find all the other stuff they do.  Great way to insure you’re getting top quality apps and good support.  So here is a few Grade A WinMo Dev’s:  Ageye, ThrottleApps, Igrecway, SPB, and everything else is either on the Marketplace or HERE.

Here we go:
Advanced Config
Associated Press App
Autumn Dynasty Lite (which is tits for a mobile RTS game)
Beejive IM (favorite IM program although their servers go down from time to time.)
Caver (g-sensor game from Ageye)
CleanRam (Always helpful)
G-Alarm (Best Alarm program ever made.  Also Ageye)
Google Maps
G-Profile (Profile Switcher by Ageye that is super configurable)
HTC MP3 Trimmer (for making ring tones on the go)
Hunting (Best tower defense game for WinMo)
Ivy the Kiwi (A really creative and unique game for WinMo. Expensive but very awesome.)
Rush Hour and Hangman (Igrecway games that are very well made.  Hangman is the shit.)
Rockstar Ate My Ipod (Strategy game about creating a band and becoming awesome.  Like Dope Wars but doing drugs instead of selling them!)
IMDB Mobile
MyTunes (Finger friendly WinMedia replacement)
Opera Mobile 10
Open Market
Point UI Home 2 (UI replacement)
SPB Backup (Great for the flash whore.  Demo gives you 4 backups and I flash so often I’ve never had to pay for it as the demo resets after a hard reset.)
SPB Mobile Shell 2-3.5 (Best UI replacement I know of)
Tag Reader
Throttle Launcher
Throttle Lock (Very configurable connect-the-dots lock screen.)
Total Commander (File Explorer and Reg Editor)
Unjumble (untangle all the stuff game. Breaks upon exiting every time but I love it.)
Wisbar Advance (The most configurable UI replacement)


  1. AHHHHHHH…….As the boy transforms into the young man with the realization of “SIZE DOES MATTER”!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud to have witnessed it, a definite milestone in a young mans life !

  2. Hey, don’t be ashamed – the Fuze was an amazing phone when it came out, and XDA has allowed us to keep it relevant with a huge swath of updated ROMs and software. The processor still keeps up with everything I throw at it, GPS works better now than when it came out of the box, and SPB Shell makes the interface nearly as good as a lot of the most recent Android stuff. I’m running my Fuze as long as I can for my $250 investment. Then again, I’m also still milking a Compaq desktop from 2001 on Windows XP, so my opinion is probably skewed from the rest of the readership here…

  3. sooo…… what are you upgrading to?

    i am still running a fuze too. i might just wait to see what WP7 feels like in person when it finally arrives in 2012.

  4. Hey Matt, keep an eye on “HTC MP3 Trimmer”. When I installed it on my Fuze it sucked about 9MB out of Program Memory, even when it was not running. I deep sixed that version and found Diamond MP3 Trimmer at XDA. The CAB is only 346K (the HTC version was something like 2.4MB) and it barely has an impact when it is running and releases RAM when stopped. The screen layout is slightly clipped on my Fuze, but the app works exactly the same way. Both of them load in the windows folder regardless of where you direct it to load.

  5. @stefymarty:

    2012…love it! Yeah. I am having a hard time waiting for WP7…and I may go iPhone4 because of the enterprise Apps that WP7 will lack at launch (VPN, Remote Desktop, Citrix Receiver.)

  6. @Jimski – I am actually using the Diamond MP3 trimmer and honestly didn’t know there was a difference between them. Thanks for pointing that out.

    @StefyMarty – WP7 or Android is in my future. Too bad one of my few options (Captivate) turns out to suck balls because the AGPS is bricked in almost every one of the handsets.

    @Brian – No Apples for me thanks. I have philosophical differences as a consumer with that whole company. As far as the WMPoweruser Rom you can still get it here:
    It’s a little old but I prefer the stability it brings. Plus they have options for 6.5 or 6.5.3 and hardspl all in one place.

  7. @Matt Anderson:

    I just went from the Fuze to the Captivate and I am extremely happy. The GPS works for me but I dont use navigation since I have it in my car. But google maps with gps works perfectly for me. Like the Fuze so far there seems to be a good community around it and will probably root it soon. I like the customizability of android and so far cant believe how nice it is to have everything integrated and smooth and fast. Also the SAMOLED screen is awesome! My friend with the Droid Incredible is jealous every time he plays with my phone. Samsung says they are aware of the GPS issues and will be releasing a fix. So I wouldn’t count the captivate out just yet. Im happy with my switch and wont look back. JMHO.

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