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Rumor: New Nokia Windows Phone Device Specs

So here’s the deal, we all have a love hate relationship regarding rumors. If you hate ‘em, move along, this obviously isn’t for you. If you love ‘em, then get ready to not get excited because spoiler alert: this device isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off. Let me preface this by saying that I know the source personally and he’s not a Windows Phone fan by any stretch of the imagination, so take this how you will.

According to my source, Nokia has been using focus groups to test the waters of their new line of devices. The device he was allowed to see last week had the following specs:

  • 3.5” – 4” screen (no mention of AMOLED or LCD)
  • Dual-core CPU (undisclosed clock speed or manufacturer)
  • 8MP Camera (no pureview here)

Beyond that, the device itself follows very closely with the metro theme, source suggests maybe too much. The device itself is very rectangular, to the point where you can prop it up on it’s side (horizontally). The case itself is not made from the polycarbonate found in the Lumia 800/900 but regular, cheaper feeling plastic. The case was reportedly uncomfortable to hold in one’s hard due to the sharp edges. The device was functional, suggesting that Nokia is pretty far along in bringing this model to market. Perhaps maybe even an announcement when Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 8 later this month.

From the screen size and the lack of polycarbonate shell, I would assume (or hope) that this is not the top tier model, but more of a mid to low end model. However, my source also states that Nokia was pitting this thing against a Samsung Galaxy III, some quad-core HTC model, and an iPhone 4s in their focus group studies. These are all top shelf devices from their respective manufacturers, and I would hope that Nokia doesn’t expect to take them on without their iconic case design.

While this phone definitely won’t excite many people, if paired with a low price point this could easily be a decent entry level phone. For more details we’ll have to wait and see. Let the speculation commence!