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Let’s zoom in:

Power and an 8/infinity symbol. There’s a port there – VGA? I thought it was the Fujitsu symbol but I’m not sold on that because of the change in the thickness and it’s not on an angle.

This help you see it better?

A projector?

And what’s on the screen?

Windowsy…lots of possibilities though.

Here’s the image on Twitpic. Any guesses?.

UPDATE: Yup a pico projector from Asus. Boring “The P1 is literally the size of a CD case and as thick as a small paperback book. “


  1. Well the top left hand corner looks like a new Windows logo to me. It kind of looks like the chrome logo. It could just be because it’s not in focus though It’s also worth noting that the bottom left hand corner of the screen seems to be intentionally hidden which might suggest that the Start Button is returning. It could also just be a new desktop computer with a projector built in to it….

  2. The 8/infinity symbol looks like the Visual Studio logo. Not sure how that relates to a piece of hardware though.

  3. Check out JORGEN’s link… Clears things a lot… Thanks Jorgen. Very informative. :-D

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