Now that the iPhone 4 has been out for a while, I’m curious to see how owners, non-owners, interested parties, lovers and haters would change the device.  For better or worse, what would you do?

Me personally?  I’d add an LED indication lamp for emails, texts, etc… just like the scroll ball on the Nexus One – minus the scroll thing.  I’d also make it available in white…

Write a response and let us know!

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  1. @Chris Leiter: My concern with Jailbreaking is security, I now have bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc…. apps on this phone, that I am not willing to give up just to Jailbreak. I just think that there is the remote possibility that the people that are making it so easy to Jailbreak are possibly also phishing around inside my phone. Let’s be honest here they are hackers to begin with, probably honest ones, but they possess the knowledge to gather my info without me ever knowing it. Saying that I am still on 4.0.1 just in case I decide to do it.

  2. @nikhil s: I think that death grip is a little over blown in the media anyway. I hold mine with my left hand and haven’t had a single dropped call. If I take both hands, wrap around the device and squeeze I can make it drop a couple of bars even totally out sometimes, but heck every phone in America will do the same in that scenario.

  3. I would like some type of notification LED, the ability to add new text message tones(the six it comes with suck, heck I’d gladly pay for a decent one, iTunes is missing out on a cash cow here), and a way to select on an app by app basis whether I want it to “multi-task” or not. Some apps are better to not have sitting and waiting… Also would like to see facetime over 3G. I know I can have dang near all of this through Jailbreak, but I don’t really want to go that road again, like I did with WM.

  4. Steve,
    JB’ing your iphone 4 (as long as it’s 4.0 or 4.01) is dead simple compared to flashing ROMs on the WinMo side of things. It even makes rooting most android devices look hard. The features and advantages of JailBreaking are pretty much everything you’re asking for, and more. But with that comes with issues of its own. Of course apple probably pays a team of software engineers an obscene amount of money to figure out how to break the jailbreaks as soon as possible. And if you have a jailbroken phone and want what ever the latest update from Apple offers, you have to sacrifice the customizations you’ve made to your phone until Comex and crew come up with a new hack. It’s a bit inconvenient in one way, but in another, REALLY WORTH IT.

    I still want my LED notification though dammit..

  5. lol i’m surprised no one has yet mentioned the death grip. i’d change the design so it didn’t naturally drop calls when you hold it a certain way. oh, and facetime over 3g without jailbreaking would be pretty convenient too!

  6. I agree.. The people that seem to have the biggest issue with the antenna issue are those that don’t even have an iPhone 4. I’ve dropped one call because of the ‘death grip’. I was in a horrible reception zone and probably would have lost the call anyway. In a good reception area, it’s hard to even get a single bar to drop, let alone lose the signal altogether. And forget showing off the death grip if you have an AT&T 3G Microcell in your house like I do.

  7. @steve p:

    How does jailbreaking make it any less secure than allowing Apple full remote control of your device (which they have right out of the box)? I suppose there’s the potential for a malicious app that could be side-loaded, due to the lack of iTunes enforcement, but then that falls squarely on the user to properly vet prior to installing. It’s no different than the Android sms trojan app, which doesn’t do anything malicious if you don’t explicitly give it permission to.

    I think the only real improvement Apple could make would be to lessen its “death grip” control over the OS. Let people do what they want with their devices. If they want to trust A* to enforce security for them, by all means, let them. But put an option to opt-out of that as well.

  8. I think they’ll add voice navigation/commands; thinner body (no glass on the back so it’s thinner again); and a new ‘social’ api for a unified social networking functionality. I bet they add an iOS emulator (or natve functionality) for desktops so you can buy apps and run them iPad, iPhone and desktop…maybe iTv too ;)

  9. @Dave: Firstly I completely agree with you and the second paragraph of your comment, it is spot on. They should loosen up a bit and give us the option to do what we want with the device that we paid for, but you already have jailbreak, just without their warm fuzzy approval.

    Secondly, It may be unjustified, but I do slightly trust Apple’s enforcement of security in the app store a little more than some Joe Blow hacker that no one has ever heard their real name or seen in person. It is that “malicious app that could be side loaded” that I am scared of. I am not “hating” on anyone who jailbreaks, hell I am keeping it as an option myself by not updating to 4.0.2. I was a flash whore on my tilt 2, every Energy rom that he came out with I had to update to, but I didn’t have anything on that device that was as important or private as bank info except maybe a risque text here and there…

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