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Watch Any Video on Your Mobile Device with Splashtop

So after waiting in line for hours to get my touchpad for $150 I was a little bit disappointed with the app selection webOS offered.  Sure the OS is intuitive and quick (after preware tweeks) but that doesn’t go very far if you can’t use the device how you want.

Enter Splashtop

In what may have been fueled by the fire sale of the touchpad, Splashtop ported their software over to webOS.  Splashtop is a remote desktop client to control your PC from a mobile device. Great video quality is what sets it apart from its competitors.  So this means you can watch anything on your device that you could on your PC like Hulu, Netflix, and recorded Windows Media Center files.  Like most VNC or remote desktop clients, you will need to download and install the streamer (server) on every computer that you would like to control.  Setup is breeze and it works over 3G, though not as well.  See the demo of Netflix running on a touchpad below.

Apps are available for WebOS, Android, and iOS. For a limited time they are on sale for the touchpad and iPhone.