I feel like I never reset my Windows Phone. The only downtime it has is when there’s a software update and then it reboots. I wanted to confirm if it was all in my head and so I checked my system information and the last reboot I had was a software update. It’s awesome but I’m curious if you have the same experience. If you’re not sure how long its been since you’ve reset your phone you can just run any of the free apps that show it. How long have you gone without restarting your phone?


  1. No! I have to restart a lot because Tango occasionally refuses to bind to my microphone and people do not hear even if I restart the app.

    • What device? Are you using the Tango version that’s generic or made for your manfacturer? I have it installed but rarely use it…hopefully Skype will put this to rest anyway…

      • I have HTC Titan, and I’m using HTC’s version (and also tried Tango’s version, same problem).
        I don’t think Skype will put this to rest. Tango reaches people without sign up, just using phone number (like WhatsApp does) and does not require people to know they’re signed in. In Skype, you can sign out, and on Android, it’s horrible as it stays connected with no proper push service (read: battery drain, data drain). So your Android and iOS friends won’t keep Skype online 24/7, and you won’t be able to automatically discover who of your friends has it.

        Long story short and not to argue, Tango has a respectable user base, and it is a little underperforming now, which is causing somewhat daily restarts.

  2. Currently at 1 day 22 hours 3 minutes on my new HTC Titan.  Would be longer but the other day had a competition with a friend on boot times, was able to reboot my Titan 4 times before his HTC Sensation got up the first time, saw it online and had to try it out.  He was pretty bummed.

  3. My Samsung Focus rebooted about two times before Mango. Now it reboots on it’s own one or two times a week and the keyboard is constantly dissapearing while I’m typing. My battery life since Mango has dropped dramatically. I was getting a day to a day and a half even with heavy use, but now it’s 12 hours max.To make matters worse I can be on the phone with someone and get frusted because it will drop call 4 times in a row. My wife’s Focus was doing better but it’s starting to develope the same problems. She hasn’t even done anything with her phone either except play Plants Versus Zombies, check her email, and call.  I will say though that Mango is definitely faster.

  4. I had couple of apps that used to crash and 3 times it rebooted before mango update. Yes I am early adopter, bought my Focus on Nov. 8th, i.e. on the same day it was released to public last year. Other than those, it had been booted when I was installing 32gb microsd, pre-NoDo update, NoDo Upate and after than Mango update.

  5. I have a new Focus S that i have rebooted three times just trying to condition the battery once and twice because i like the boot up screen for WP7. Heck i ve tried draining the battery a couple nights to get max usage and fell asleep before the battery died.

  6. not clue.. it’s been turned off for a while, using my Captivate..   I used to leave my phone on 24/7 because of my Mom but then she died so I turn it off every night usually..  the main reason now is that I’ve gotten a few wrong numbers at 2am or so and it’s annoying being woken up like that by some drunk

  7. 1 day, 6 hours, 15 minutes.  Unfortunately since the Mango update, Zune music has been seizing up when on shuffle.  The only fix is for me to turn it off, then back on.

  8. 5 days, 22 hours, 52 minutes, 14 seconds. Restarted it last week to make sure everything was cleared out of memory before initiating some battery tests. Aside from a few freezes while testing out “alleged” extended batteries from some third party suppliers (they really are all garbage) a couple months ago I don’t think I have “been required” to restart my phone since installing the Mango beta. Needed a handful of restarts prior to that because of the Marketplace freezeup bug. Prior to that I did have problems with the alarm and plugging anything into the headphone jack, but that all went away with a hard reset last March.

    I do power down every few months to swap out batteries. Knowing I keep my phones for 15-18 months, I always start out with two batteries and swap every three months, so they never really get that old. And a few times I restarted, just for the heck of it. But that was typically after three or four weeks.

  9. I’ve had to reset mine a few times because the microphone stops working during a phone call…i don’t have the app but I would guess it’s been up for a couple of weeks now.

  10. Kris_stapley: If you are using an HTC device I can tell you I had the same problem with my Surround and the issue went away after my first hard reset last March. Same problem was reported on almost every Gen1 HTC model. So if it’s a real problem for you (it was for me), good chance that the reset will fix it. I also had a bug where the volume would go all whacky when I plugged anything into the headphone jack.My guess is that something got messed up when they originally flashed the first batch of HTC phones and a reset cleared it up. No guarantee though.

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