Microsoft’s job posting reveal that they are heading towards WebRTC for Skype. That would let you use Skype within a browser without plugins and be interoperable with other services like Google Talk. The job description states “You will help create an architecture that allows WebRTC enabled endpoints to directly interoperate with other endpoints on the Skype network, without the need of gateways”

As the thresholds decrease, the ease of access to Skype increases. This won’t lead to Skype losing its app as standalone apps still make sense in a lot of cases, but it does make it easier for a lot of people to access and use Skype casually and that’s where this can show a big payoff.

via CNN


  1. Guess MS is jumping on the “HTML5 Internet Slowing Down” Campaign Trail with Google. Seriously, could HTML5 possibly make the internet any worse? I almost feel a MobilityDigest Article/Rant coming on to do with that…


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