Everyone’s favorite freeware site, 1800pocketpc, just ran this article on Drop Box.  For those of you cloud-deficient users out there it’s a file sharing service that let’s you set up folders on several devices (Laptop, Desktop, iPhone, etc.)  Drop Box is currently soliciting users for new features and one of these possibilities is a Windows Mobile client.  This can certainly fill some of the gap left by Microsoft’s abandonment of Live Mesh.  If 2GB of free online storage that “magically” syncs itself across multiple platforms with the ability to share info between collaborating cloud users sounds like your sort of thing then hop on over HERE and show WinMo some love.  Thanks to KCMatt for the tip.


  1. i love dropbox. ive used it for a while now. you can get 2gb with an extra gb in bonuses. if you sign up under someones reference, you get a quarter gb or if someone signs up under yours. if you do the quick start guide you get a quarter gb. they like to give bonuses of more free space. i dont think theres a limit if you pay.

    i do think windows mobile has the most to gain of all the mobile platforms. it has the best file management. you can save and view files. drop box on the iphone just lets you preview your dropbox files because you cant save and manage them like you would on a computer. windows mobile also relies on installing third party software more outside of the marketplace. a way to get cabs on the device through synced storage would be nice. that said, it does work well through opera. you might just have to change to the old style uploader.

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