Android is now rumored to release its 8th software updates to its Android operating system (Android 4.2) on October 29th 2012.

With the uptick of its latest update (Jelly bean 4.1) being low, the internets are concerned that Google is moving too fast.


The problem seems to be pointed at a common enemy in the mobile space. An enemy that has been the bane of innovation on the mobile front since Windows Mobile 5…the carriers. It’s believed, the reason carriers are not pushing out each and every Android operating system update is a very simple one. One that would not surprise even the makeup on a clown; money!

To push out an update requires man-power, bandwidth and tons of quality control investments on the carrier’s part.  Money that would be taking away from quarterly profits and therefore not a viable solution or desired solution I should say. They do however have agreements in place by and large but it isn’t a desired investment to update mobile software on devices.  Apple seems to be the only company that has it, for the most part, right when it comes to updates. The only problem with IOS updates is with consumers not being made aware of the process of updating. But Apple does get more than 60% of their users right out of the gate when a new update is released, which is impressive.

However, the general consumer buys their device because they like the initial offering. Without the updates. Also, Google updates web browsers and individual apps without the carrier. So it’s no security risk. The average consumer is already sold on the hardware and software it came with. Most will be OK with this for the next two years (+).  Some believe that all updates should be instantaneous and guaranteed on ALL devices, regardless of age, hardware or anything. The only issue being, if you update someone to IOS 6, as of now they lose Google maps. What if they are blind and like the features of Google maps from IOS 5 ? (True story actually). Or what if they are not tech savvy and like Android 2.3 and the ice cream sandwich update looks completely different. They have to learn everything all over again right?

Android is activating 1.3 million phones a day. On what day do people say “you know we may not get an update to a new version of Android ever.” and stop buying? They simply are not. Android is on a climb. The consumer has spoken the last couple of years and seems to be A-OK with the way their device is functioning as it did the day they purchased their device.

With application updates and carrier updates, most consumers of Android are just “not that into” worrying about updates to the operating system.


  1. I think you may need to change the title of this piece to something like ‘Why the average android user does not complain about fragmentation’ or maybe even ‘Why the clueless consumer doesn’t complain about fragmentation’ I’m an Android user, at least my five tablets are and I care very much about fragmentation, but then again I’m what would be considered an enthusiast and not an average user. The average consumer user of Android is clueless about updates etc, I think they just want a phone to make calls and browse the web, access social networks and take pictures and play games here and there. If it does those few things then they’re happy with what they have so they don’t care about updates at all surely. I can see the average consumer not even paying attention to an update or even knowing one is available for their phone. Sorry if I offended anyone but it’s just the truth, the average person isn’t exactly technically inclined and if it works they’re happy with it and they could care less about updates to the device.

    • Its not the average user. Some advance users of Android like older features of the OS. Some prefer Ginger bread roms. Not everyone cares to be on the bleeding edge.

  2. I agree but as an informed android user I couldn’t care less about fragmentation either. If you care it’s not too difficult to make sure your next android deceive will be supported by the developer community and you can have quick updates to your phone fairly easily. Shoot tons easier to update android and get the phone back with your personal data than it was in the Windows mobile 6 days.

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