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Fight’s Corner Round 1: Responding to Simmons’ Latest FUD Article

Whew, I finally have some time for a change; let’s see what I can do here…

First a bit of an explanation/re-introduction of sorts:  The 9-to-5 recently became more of a 5-to-9 recently and I haven’t been able to do things that I wanted to do (post) or like to do (comment/correct Simmons where possible).

This little parenthetical ridden rant is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now.  I should be able to give you folks a new round on at least a semi-monthly basis.  Nothing overly special, just an average guy with slightly better than average command of the English language (I went to NYC Public Schools all my life and I’m a minority; that’s about as good as I’m going to get), using this site as an avenue to share my opinion about the mobile phone universe.

My own disclaimer of sorts:  The best part of this site is that the writers here aren’t hard up jackasses who are so in love with their own tech and gadgets that it’s impossible to have a conversation with them (no matter how many times Ramon may curse Apple).  We may disagree about certain topics, but our opinions aren’t necessarily falling on deaf ears.  If you disagree (or agree) with anything that I have to say, leave a comment.  I’ll discuss it with you, where necessary.


If you haven’t read Simmons’ latest post, ‘Nokia, Windows Phone Bathing in Blood,’ you can do so here.


OK. Nothing about Nokia losing Marketshare/Year Over Year Earnings is new. Actually, it’s rather old news. Everyone here should know this. Nokia and Symbian have been losing clout/mindshare/marketshare since the iPhone 3G came out (and arguably before that). Mainly because, in the eyes of many, Apple out-Nokia’ed Nokia in terms of industrial design. What kept Nokia afloat was the bevy of Nokia dumbphones that were out there (free on contract, especially). Well, that and you know, damn near the entire EU refusing to move on from their C and N Series Nokia phones.

Again, not new information.

With Nokia and Microsoft, you have a company that down right loathes Apple (Nokia) and a company that competes with and occasionally partners with Apple (Microsoft **Same can be said about Google, if the Chrome OS were ever viewed as a threat to anyone), coming together to increase their rather insignificant (!) mindshare in the US and around the world. One more time, nothing new here.

If the goal is to ultimately matter/ exist as an option so that you can succeed long-term, what is it that Nokia/Microsoft doing wrong right now? In my view, Microsoft should shoot to become the number three OS (the Sprint of this race if you will) then use your ecosystem/partners/cloud based services to grow the platform-. Nokia should settle into a similar role, using their resources and MS’s ecosystem (combined with their own) to grow also.  It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish…


(Picture shout to Very Demotivational)

Don’t confuse this for a positive spin.  Just call it additional perspective.

This is a long-term project, so looking at the valley aspect of the chart and insinuating that it’s never going to get better (by, you know…naming articles “Nokia, Windows Phone Bathing in Blood” like this is the NY Post) is, by definition, short-sighted. Nokia is going to fall, and continue to fall until Q2 of 2012, at best. And when they do make some kind of upward movement, you can guarantee that people are going to move to 5-yr numbers or different periods to diminish what traction they have made. Same could be said about Microsoft.  There’s no need for the extra negativity.

I will say this: I feel that the Windows Phone OS platform needs a certifiable spark and I think that spark needs to be Adobe Flash.  If they want to make a real move on BlackBerry at this point, I feel that they should capitalize on the hardware and optimizations that the OS has. That would make average people care in my opinion. Internet Explorer and Flash are household names. No matter how much momentum HTML 5 is building, it’s still an incomplete spec and nothing is beating Flash right now in terms of internet content, with the operative term being “RIGHT NOW.” (Spare me the “Flash is a battery hog” comments. Anything that simultaneously runs video at standard def or higher and uses your 3G/4G/WiFi radio is going to drain your battery).


That’s all I have for now, Round 1 goes to the fans of all OS’s.  Except BlackBerry.  Yea.  Go away.