Microsoft has this whole ecosystem thing they’re working on. Know what would make me happy? When I get a text on my Windows Phone if it took that text and sent to it my PC as a Skype Message. That way I don’t need to keep looking at my phone depending on the sound it makes. Shit, if I could send a text back out from my PC (via phone) I’d giggle. I know Microsoft controls both operating systems and Skype but if we see anything like this before 2015 I’d still be shocked. 

All we can do is beg them to innovate and move faster, right Nokia?


  1. And I just noticed that the Messenger messages on my phone are not also on my Win8 desktop. WTF? Why aren’t they in both places?

  2. And I just discovered the other day however that all mms attachments showed up in my Outlook email.

  3. I use the RedOxygen sms addon in outlook. It syncs across exchange and also notifies my phone sms no. on all replies, but I can’t originate texts on that number on m phone. Im waiting impatiently on pure integration of phone and desktop sms.

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