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Widgets are awesome. I know there are a ton of posts out there about Widgets and why they are so great. I am not going to bore everyone with the details here. I am, however going to talk about one of my favorite newest Widgets.

Have you seen the new clock/weather Widgets on the most recent Motorola phones? If you haven’t, they look similar to the picture above (this is my custom version). I had gotten so bored with the ones I could find in the Play Store. I was so excited when I saw the new Motorola one released, then my original RAZR was destroyed (a post for another time).

I got a Galaxy S3 which I love, but still was not fond of any weather/clock widgets. A little searching online however brought up One More Clock Widget by Xaffron Software. Not only does it have the new circle clock/weather widget, but it boasts more than 60 different clock/weather options. It’s also highly customizable. The options don’t end at colors or display/hiding options.

Customization extends into clickable sections of the widget to open apps or functions, and these can be defaults or user selected. Why is this important?  Well, the weather app they are using leaves much to be desired (although recent updates have made some improvements). I don’t love the options; specifically the refresh rate. So I have it set to open a completely independent weather app.  When I click on the clock it opens my Alarm and timer settings, and when I click on the battery it takes me to my usage monitor. The top left corner is reserved for widget settings.

If you are tired of the same old weather and clock widgets give this one a try. I am using a different layout on my Galaxy Tab since I have more homescreen real estate there.

There is a free version which is ad supported, but I found the slightly more than $1 price tag well worth it. Find it HERE in the Play Store.