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VZ FiOS on Demand Available For WM6.5, Android and BB

Got FiOS? Got Android, Windows Mobile 6.5 or a Blackberry device? Well Verizon has released FiOS on Demand that lets you buy, rent and watch “Flex View” movies on your phone. The show the following as an example of Flex View:

  • Rent a movie from your mobile phone on your way home and watch it on FiOS TV that evening.
  • Buy a movie online, download it to your PC, transfer it to your portable media player and take it on the go.
  • Rent a movie on your laptop to watch now, and your family can watch in online tomorrow.

Specifically, on a mobile device you can purchase, rent and watch Flex View movies on your phone. Browse videos, read descriptions, watch previews and check price and ratings and even bookmark to come back later. You can download to your device over wi-fi and 3G or transfer them from your PC via USB, Flex View titles that you rent or buy from FiOS tv, PC and online are also available on your phone.

The supported devices are currently noted as “HTC Imagio, Samsung Omnia 2, Blackberry Storm 2, Droid X, Droid 2 and Windows Mobile 6.5” but you can check here for more availability. As for downloading the app:

  • On Android devices, use the Android Market to locate and download the FiOS On Demand app.
  • On Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices, go to to download the FiOS On Demand app.

via Engadget