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WifiLocations- App to Turn Wifi and Bluetooth on/off based on Cell Tower Location

Here is a cool little app created by snempaa over at XDA-developers. Some of the features of this app are:

Current Version : V0.6
– Specify locations (based on GSM/UMTS Cell-ID) where WiFi will be activated automatically (and turned off when you leave)
– Specify locations where Bluetooth will be activated automatically (and turned off when you leave) or the otherway around (for headset/carkit usage).
– Specify locations where your ringer should be turned off or to vibrate (and back to previous state when you leave)
– Run a user-specified program when in specified location (and the choice of killing it when you leave).
– Name the Cell’s so it’s a little less confusing.
– Autostart on reboot-option

This app is really useful for those of us who don’t have data connections. When I am at home I have Wifi turned on all the time but as soon as I leave my house i need to remember to turn off my Wifi and I forget sometimes, killing my battery. With this app I don’t have to worry about turning my Wifi off saving me the trouble of manually turning it off and saving my battery life. Currently the app only works on GSM phones and it can be downloaded here. If you like this app consider donating to Snempaa (Donate)

[Via 1800pocketpc]