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See The Favorite Spots of Famous Peeps

gmaps favs This is mildly entertaining if you’re living in or visiting a big city. If you open up your web browser and direct it to\fav it will pull up a short list of cities from around the world (US only includes NYC and San Fran but it also includes London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpar and Tokyo). By clicking on a city you’ll get a list of celebrities and a short description of who they are (just in case you forgot:)). The list has people who represent different industries (food, nightlife, business, etc). Pick a celebrity and Google Maps opens and displays a list of that persons favorite places with a brief description of each place. Of course, from there you can map it, get more details and do all of the other niceties that we’re used to in Google Maps (and of course, you need Google Maps installed for this to work). This isn’t ground breaking, but it’s neat and it gives a list of places that you may not know about but are worth checking out.