For those of you considering to take Windows 8 for a spin, or those that are just curious about what’s new in Windows 8, I’ve made this video showing you the features I’ve discovered so far. I’ve been using Windows 8 for the better part of 3 days now and I can safely say that this is far beyond what I expected from even beta software(in terms of usability and bugs). I’ve experienced maybe one or two bugs and have only a few nitpicks, that in all probability will be corrected by the beta release. If you want to try out Windows 8 first hand, check out our guide for setting up a dual-boot system. Some things I forgot to mention in the video:

  • When connecting to new networks you’re no longer required to choose between defining it as public, work, or home. Instead you simply choose to share or not share you files with the network. (A much better solution in my eyes)
  • VMware installed but does not work.

Enjoy the videos!



  1. How easy is it to revert from a dual boot situation? I have Home Premium on one partition on my laptop but would like to know how to completely remove Windows 8 when the time comes. Thanks.

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