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.Net CF 3.7 Available

net 37 Every time you get a WM phone one of the first things you have to do is install  .Net 3.5 Compact Framework (because so many apps rely on it and it improves speed of your device).  As we reported, this was true for both the Tilt and the Fuze. Recently we’ve been playing around with a new version of .Net which is version 3.7. To be fair, for some of you this isn’t news at all. Those of you using Herg’s ROM’s or Da_G’s ROM’s already have .Net 3.7 cooked into your ROM. But it seems like it’s time for everyone to get in on .Net 3.7 goodness (in fact Microsoft’s own blogs have questions about it which include links to it so the cat is definitely out of the bag).

After installation most users are reporting speed improvements throughout their devices. If you are using foreign language packs then do not install 3.7 as it is rumored to conflict. However, program conflicts should not occur since .Net is intended to be backward compatible, but a few users are reporting that some apps have  been noted to conflict (personally I have no conflicts) but most conflicts have been reported as being overcome by simply reinstalling the app (for some reason installing it after 3.7 is installed resolves the issue). If you have a single app with an issue then don’t worry – just use the Net CF Configuration Tool to specify the version of .Net to use with that application and it will not use 3.7 so the conflict is resolved. 

net 37 2 So the steps are simple. First, install the .Net 3.7 Framework (a link is located here from our forums) and then make sure you set the Net CF Configuration Tool to set 3.7 as the default version of .Net. A soft reset should be performed.

One of the shocks of .Net 3.7 being released is that the next version of .Net is version 4.0 but it looks like the compact version may not parallel the full version at least for some period.  For now, we’ll take what we can get:)

Download NETCF 3.7 Here

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