Yep, it’s confirmed that Windows 8 will be coming out on February 29th, at least the beta will be released to the public anyway. I love Windows, yes even I even liked Vista, I didn’t think it was that bad myself, it just got a lot of bad publicity. Anyway, I’m not sure about Windows 8 though, I don’t think I’m going to like the new interface at all. Yes I have a Windows phone and the interface works there, but I’m not sure about using it on my desktop 24/7. So what do you think? Are you going to like the new interface? Any thoughts at all?


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  1. On a tablet it will be needed and as things start to become touch based needed more. Hopefully the option to switch away from Tiles remains for the PC/Mouse users. The intigration part is what has me excited, with a few clicks on a device, Skydrive should be able to share information to all my devices that I need them to have. It can be done now, but it’s not easy.

    For me I’m excited about this, plus Apple has made huge strides in dumbing down computer users. Those users most likely will see and say “hymm, pretty tiles”.

    Windows 8 is a transition to the portable world, past Windows OS don’t function as easy on small screens. Anyone try the HTC shift, I think that thing ruined my eyes for life?

  2. I was never interested in buying an iPad or any other Android tablets. But now with these new Windows 8 tablets, I might have to buy one =)

    And to share my opinion about this article. It is good that you can switch to desktop mode of you don’t like the Metro look on a PC.

  3. @Matt. I’ll be installing the beta as soon as it hits. With today’s announcement of Desktop mode on ARM devices too Windows 8 is officially a must have OS.

    They are also taking a cue from their new control philosophy and establishing more control over what drivers and tweaks will be done to Windows 8 devices and PCs. Thats the only way they were able to achieve some of the milestones like near instant startup and usb device compatibility off the bat. Device driver updates happen through the Windows Marketplace similar to how the Windows Phone app updates happen.

  4. Already running the preview version of Win8 on a 4 year old Dell laptop but it would be much better on a touch screen.

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