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No Mom, Just Playing With My Phone

wobble In what I’m sure will be treated as a mile stone in WM development elAlem of XDA released a beta version of hdWobble, a program that lets you make things go bouncy bounce:) Being a beta, you have to set the bull’s eyes over the intended ‘objects’ and you can change the location and size (and even make them more oval or round as needed). At this point you cannot save your configurations. But once you set an object (or two as needed:)) you can just shake your phone and everything will start to bounce in the direction you shake (so yes, they can bounce sideways or up and down or even go around in circles as desired). And you don’t need to use the gsensor- you can use your finger to start everything wobbling…and there’s vibration feedback when you touch the screen. There’s no reason teenage boys have to be the only ones using this – females, why not test it out on Borat or Austin Powers for a little gyration?:) OK, fine, you can take a cartoon and make it’s eyes bounce up and down…I knew I could find something family oriented here:)

To add your own pics just move them into the Program Files\hdWobble\Backgrounds but the image size must be 640×480. The download is available here and the XDA thread is located here. If you need to see a demo on hdWobble in action as well as a guide on how to set the targets check this video out.  For those of you who tried downloading this app earlier today and were unable to get it to run, it has been updated. It’s ok to love your phone…just don’t love it too much.

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