Six months in and Windows 8 is keeping pace with Windows 7 sales over the same period. Things worked out well for Windows 7, didn’t they? So much for that Windows 8 is a flop theory. Now, shut the hell up already and go out and buy yourself a shiny new W8 PC. Just make sure is doesn’t have a Pentium or E1-E2 processor. by @epro


  1. LoL Simmons, you are totally ignorant about this. You think ZDNet is Microsoft’s. Apple and Google bought it long while ago. Otherwise you you would know troll SJVN writing about Microsoft more than Ed Bott and Mary Jo together and that creates a doubt for readers that he actually does know anything about Linux, which he claims as his own, clueless Matt Baxtor-Reynolds and cat on the wall AKH.

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