Yes, LG is not interested and won’t be making successor to current Google Nexus Phone. LG’s VP said it is not finding any added value without its “skins” despite the current Nexus Phones it made received well in the market, via Mashable



  1. I wonder what the real “value” is to having a skin when most people don’t give a damn about it.

  2. I think the same and LG skins look too cheap and very unresponsive. Probably they spy on users’ habbits using the skins.

  3. Good! This news makes me excited. I might actually buy the next Nexus phone now. I am still pissed about the whole LG G2X and lack of software updates thing and vow to never purchase another LG Phone. I was not happy about them making the nexus. I did not buy one only because it was made by LG.

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