Got two games for you today thanks to 1800PocketPC. The first is called Galaxies and is from Ageye who brought us games like Caver in the past and apps like G-Profile, G-Alarm, etc. This time it’s a space shooter that has accelerometer support and multi-player support. There’s a free demo for the first ten levels and a limited time in the multiplayer arenas but buying the game only costs €1.19. To download the demo or buy the app check out the devs website.

Next up is World Cup inspired app. Using your phones accelerometer you need to try to juggle the ball as long as possible. When the ball comes down you need to flick your wrist to keep it up. Flick harder and the ball goes higher and there are multiple levels of play as well. Here’s it in action to see how to make it through a work day:)

Check out their website for more info and the download but this appears to be a freebie.


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