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Actually Yes, AT&T Can Suck Harder

Still hanging onto that unlimited data plan? Bad news champ, this ain’t your grandfather’s data plan anymore. If you are in the top 5% of AT&T’s data users, you will get throttled down if you don’t curb your usage enough in your next billing cycle.

According to Bill Palmer at Beatweek, whatever the top 5% is, he confirms it includes those who use significantly less than two gigs a month. Not even two gigs. The one gig range. The fifty megs a day crowd and possibly lower.

This time I don’t need to go into how much AT&T sucks as this move speaks for itself sufficiently. Just want to warn you five percenters that if those you-know-whats throttle you down to 2G, go into your phone’s settings and make sure it’s on 2G/EDGE, not either/or, to save significant juice until your next month — until you get throttled again, then until the next month and over and over and over because you have carrier Stockholm syndrome and won’t man up and change carriers.

Yes, they all suck, but AT&T sucks the hardest and with consistently increasing force.

Doug Simmons