Man I was getting scared for a while after seeing those photos of WP7 in landscape mode and the screen remained in portrait. But take a look here. It’s from a CNet article on inside MS’s labs where they’re working on WP7:

And a close up:

So it wasn’t left behind like cut and paste…that was close:)  But check this out – the standard layout is 2 small tiles by 4 small tiles – 8 total. Take a look above – 3×5. Twice the number of tiles. That doesn’t entirely make sense – I actually prefer it (or hope that the end user can toggle it) but I don’t know what to make of it.  Ok let the crazy speculations begin…now.


  1. hehe the caption to the pic is “Microsoft Vice President Terry Myerson gets a look at a prototype Windows Phone circuit board that Qualcomm built with an all-new chip that had just started rolling off the manufacturing line.’ not sure why there’s so much stuff there:) Doesn’t look like it all fits in an 11mm casing but I guess that’s for them to figure out:)

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