Another tower defense game peaking its head out the bushes.  Bye Bye Brain is right up there with Project: Sunburst in the tower defense genre based on the video below.  It has the up close and personal fighting everyone so loves but tries to deny, multiple characters, and an intuitive 3D environment that comes complete with the awesome feature of changing the camera view based on how the phone is positioned.  Check it out below and hit up the link to give the developers feedback.  Enjoy.


Source: Bye Bye Brain


  1. That looks pretty cool, not going to lie. I’m not a Tower Defense fan, but that looks like it will be a must have.

  2. I’m a pretty big TD fan, and I’m really not seeing the appeal of this particular game.. other than the fact that you have zombies…

  3. I love the ability to change point of views on the fly. Someone else suggested maybe adding a story mode to the game and that would be over the top awesome.

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