We’ve seen Windows Phone running in an emulator at 1280×800 and now there’s new footage from WMPU showing some third party apps running. I think the most shocking aspect of the whole thing is how good everything resizes. In fact, most of the apps seem very natural at that resolution without any modification needed at all. I presume copy and paste comes first,s o I’m not holding my breath, but how many years off are we on getting this?

Oh and you can ignore some of the lag. its an emulator so it’s borrowing a processor and that can lead to all sorts of things


  1. So tell me again why we don’t want a Windows Phone 7 tablet. Metro was “made” for the wide screen. Slap it onto a 9″ or 10″ slab, do a little work on the Start Screen, add 32GB of memory, a camera or two, a USB port and you can have this baby on the shelves by Father’s Day, instead of Christmas 2012, maybe, if Steve has anything to say about it.

  2. MS seems to have everything in order to produce a really competitive tablet…wondering what they are waiting for. Hopefully, down the line we’ll all be saying “Oh, I see why they waited:)”

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