The marketing blitz continues as a new campaign ad called “meet your match” really targets folks with iPhones and Android devices. The ads really showcase features like camera supriority and even how handy “kids corner” can be. I must say, I am enjoying the aggression and the execution being displayed here by Microsoft, they’re finally doing it right! Check out the videos below!




  1. You’re enjoying the aggression, great, but you know what I’d enjoy? Windows Phone finally lifting off into double digits this time. I would like that. I’m not putting you on, that is what I would like.

    You know why Ramon? Largely because Microsoft cooked up a fine product that is very highly regarded by those who’ve tried it (including me), and I want to believe real bad as an American that if you make something fantastic and/or badass, and Windows Phone fits that bill, the success should float your way and not take this damn long to reach you. F-yeah.

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