Wow…so so sweet. Here’s Windows Phone OS running on a 1280×800 tablet in an emulator. The shocking thing is that the OS doesn’t resize. It shows you more. In other words, it’s already pretty damn optimized for a tablet. So give it to us already! Check it out:

Can we all agree that all we want is the OS on a tablet and if it resizes like these, we’d be perfectly happy?

via WMPU


  1. Interesting that I can’t change the screen resolution in Visual Studio to match my monitor. Otherwise, I could duplicate that and have some fun

  2. Wow very cool. I’m curious how it handles the vertical scroll when the screen shows multiple columns in the panaramic view. I’d think it would just scroll only the column you select.

    Looks like a WP7 based tablet shouldn’t be too hard technically. I’m psyched.

  3. How about a dual boot device. W7 & WP7. Then you keep Mr. Balmer and all of us happy. As tools and programming language grow more similar it only seems logical. Who wouldn’t want one of those.

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