ChevronWP7 has been released by some of the gurus who have been tinkering with the APIs. It’s as simple as connecting your phone via usb and launching an .exe file. This lets you install apps that do not comply with Marketplace standards. So yes, porn can come in but more importantly that means devs can use all APIs out there including the sensors and native code that they don’t have access to. This also means custom theme colors, ringtones, hardware button assignment, tethering/wifi sharing are all within reach.


Let’s also talk about pirates. This tool will not let apps illegally downloaded from Marketplace sideloaded. The devs who released this app state it themselves. They state “All Marketplace application XAP packages are sufficiently protected so that you cannot sideload to run them on any unlocked device (official or with our tool). We have no intentions to break that protection.” This is great for all around.

The install steps can be found at and we can all expect a central site to host XAPs that third parties can share and download freely. Let’s also see how long MS let’s this stand before patching it.


  1. I was worried at 1st that this would mean open season for pirates…glad to hear that is not the case. I can’t wait to see the apps people can make with the additional freedom this brings. Maybe some bluetooth multiplayer gaming action, actual multitasking, or even overclocking*fingers crossed* hahaha oh! would be great if they could disable the search and back buttons during certain apps like games…I keep hitting mine on accident and it’s really annoying

  2. Hopefully the fact that people will start going elsewhere other than the market for apps that truly use the phones potential will prompt Microsoft to open up the platform and make it more flexible.

  3. It may not enable piracy directly but its one less step for pirates to take themselves. Pretty stupid to think pirates wont look on this as a nice bonus.

  4. does anyone know if this would affect future upgrades?? im worried that the phone will not be available for upgrades if microsoft finds out what you did to your phone… just saying. wouldnt think microsoft would do that but still..

  5. Other sites have suggested that Microsoft might flag a device but of course there is no actual proof. Think I will take the sit back and wait approach. Not quite ready to do my first hard reset yet. Still having too much fun.

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