Here’s a great use of Windows phone 7 controlling a PC to view photos, videos, music (the lyrics appear on the PC), a Power Point presentation and direct the PC to a website entered into on the phone. It also appears that the photos are on the PC side and can be watched on the phone or you can use the phone to control the PC and do a slide show on the PC side.  Definitely worth a watch especially considering this is a real developers device so what you see is what you can expect. This video was posted on FaceBook which is a PITA to share so I’ve sent it to YouTube for the masses (uhm you).  With that said, it’s hard to tell if the files are located on the PC side or the phone side but my presumption is that WP7 is manipulating files stored on the PC but if anyone has information on this please share it. Regardless, this video is definitely worth watching if you’re at all into Windows Phone 7:

What do you guys think?


  1. Looks pretty slick but I am not too sure how practical it is. I could only really see my self running PP decks so I would haven’t to lug my laptop.

  2. Love this!!!. I have a home theater pc and access all of my data on my NAS. Movies, Music, pictures, its all there and this would be perfect so I don’t have to take direct remote control of my box. I like that you can save your favorite web pages as well. I’ll buy it the day I get my W7P.

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