Wow, not a bad day, starting with the NYTimes and now another big name, Foursquare, pumps out a Windows Phone app (Zune link). On top of those, something about Ryan Seacrest a minute ago.

I’m beginning to get just a little nervous about these anti-Windows Phone bets I’ve made recently. Might want to cut down on that (OneNote to self..).

Pat on the ass to whoever’s making this stuff happen.

Update, seems there already was a Foursquare app, but it really sucked, so that this one might not suck (I’m assuming it doesn’t suck), I think, keeps this newsworthy.. but I’ll tweak the title. Thank you MartiM, lovely avatar you got.


  1. Wait, I’ve had a Foursquare app for … months. It kind of sucks so I’ve been using 4th & Mayor, but it’s been there since, goodness, close to the beginning.
    Just checked it. It seems to be “official.”

  2. Yeah, the app on my phone says V 1.0.0; this is 2.0.0. So this isn’t “new” or “finally.” Reporting fail on whoever originated it.
    BUT the interesting thing is it *does* seem to be a completely different app – the old one isn’t updating, and when I went to the marketplace on the phone it was a new install. I guess I’ll delete the old one and try this one. I hope it’s better. V 1.0.0 truly sucked. I really don’t want to pull out my MegaMaid quote from Spaceballs…

  3. Hey cut me some slack, I’m trying. And from what I understand the only thing official about it is that it officially doesn’t work well and sucks, whereas this thing I linked might be decent and potentially sweet.

    I’ve yet to dabble in Foursquare but in Google Maps / Places / Latitude everywhere I go that involves spending money, restaurants mostly, I’m sure to check in. I’m a regular at a few places, which is a notch up from visitor, and I’m a guru at the Japanese joint around the corner, and a higher-level guru at the gym in my building which I set my phone to check into when I am actually just at home and not doing gym stuff. My point is that I think some consumers like to brag about patronizing places of business, businesses like to brag about people patronizing them, Google and Foursquare, Facebook too?, like to be the broker of commerce between those businesses and the patrons, everybody wins with these things.

    Sometimes I feel like I have to write a slightly negative review of a restaurant just to keep my Google Places credibility, but then I think about something else.

    Anyway — so things are heating up with Windows Phone. Is this just a fluke to have multiple things like this in one day with other bigger things in the background or did someone really punch the throttle down? Keep this up a little more and there’s your traction.

  4. Not complaining to you, Doug, sorry. It’s the fault of the original article in wording it as if it’s new. I’ve downloaded the new one, but now I can’t use it because Gmail has locked me out of the junk account I used for it. grrrr

    I didn’t think that I’d use Foursquare at first; it was a little creepy and stalker-y. But I’m afraid the competition whore in me won eventually.

    There’s plenty of room for lots of different tastes. You like gingerbread and donuts, I like mangoes. :)

    You seem to be mellowing out… Marriage agreeing with you? ::sly grin::

  5. Updated version of 4th and mayor. Updated version of foursquare… Wow wow.. The first square was terrible..
    Ey you should’ve just shut your mouth about wp7 failing.. You all HATERS have to remember Windows 8 is not even out.,when that comes out PC users will wanna have the same UI on the phone , and the same experience… 2012Win8 windows phone 8… Doug will shit his pants when he see msft on top again….

  6. Okay, I just tried the app out. It’s massively improved over the old one, which of course wasn’t difficulty to do. Time will tell.

    As far as platforms, I like to see more than 2 major players. It forces them to innovate and fight for our eyeballs (and wallets). Glad to see MS back in the game (but they need to promote it more), and I’d like to see Android step it up a little.

  7. Doug, your anti-wp7 bets in regards to them having mango out in time? Yeah, I’d be nervous about that one. The other one though? I dunno..

  8. I installed the new Foursquare “official”, but I still fire up 4th&Mayor when I check in. I just like it better.

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