First we gave you a preview of Winterface 2.0 filled with pics and then we told you when it was officially released and now we’re proud to offer you with the opportunity to get a copy for free. We have five copies to give away and the rules are simple – post a comment about why you would like to have a copy of Winterface 2.0 to this posting to be entered. Only one entry per person (duplicate entries will result in all entries after the first being dismissed). Winners will be chosen randomly. And remember to use your real email address so we can contact you with the key (nope, we won’t use it for any other purpose). Of course, staff cannot participate in this contest – that’s the penalty for contributing to the community:) 

The contest will run for one week and close Friday October 2nd at midnight (EST). Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratuliations to our winners: Dave S, Microdou, Scott (Epix), Praveen and Mauro.


  1. I would like to have Winterface 2.0 because i have never used anything besides TouchFlo 3D and I have not known windows mobile without it. It will be a good experience for me to use windows mobile outside of TouchFlo 3D, to see it from a different angle, and a new UI perspective. It would be interesting to see which one I could use more efficiently.

  2. I would like a copy of Winterface 2.0 because it will be a nice refreshed look for my Fuze and will shut the iPhone fanboys up at the same time… plus with my new baby, I dont have any extra money to pour into non-family areas like my phone, so a free copy would certainly help me out.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and considering me.


  3. I love my Fuze, but wish it responded faster. Your review said Winterface was very fast, which is just what I’m after.

  4. Why would I like to have a copy of Winterface? Well, to use a cheesy pun, it would be “cool”. Get it…winter and cool. Never mind.

    Anyway, I like the skins and stuff and it would be a great upgrade on my Tilt Classic. It’s a very finger friendly format that will allow me to give a very specific finger to all my iSheep friends!

  5. Hi, in past time I have used SPB shell 3.0, with skins, on my Omnia I900, then I have used Pointui as UI. Then I have discovered Winterface 1.31.I know that Winterface is on market along ago, but it never looks good enaugh for me. Now with Winterface 2.0 is my UI really the best for my Omnia. Off course I have this Trial version, and it is not easy to spend 20$ for registered version because I live in Croatia and I am curently unemployed.
    This UI is fast and smooth, fastest from all UIs I have ever seen on my Omnia.No freezes at all.Skins look good, and with VITO Sms, make perfect combination.I think it is the best UI now on the market.

    Sorry for my english, I hope you understandet all.
    Regards from Croatia

  6. I’d like to have a copy of Winterface 2.0 because I check your mobility sites daily, support all you are doing from a readers perspective and really enjoy the great info. Thanks for all you guys do!

  7. Hi everyone… I would love a copy! Seems like a really cool alternative to TF3D. Pick Me! Pick Me!!!


  8. I woudl liek it as I don’t like manila nor do I find titanium all that great. I am looking for a simple yet usefull today screen…

  9. I have a Dell v51x, and this would be a great freshener for my device. I use it at work to listen to podcasts, and having this to get things moving and open apps would with just my finger would be great. As it is now, I need to use my stylus.
    Also the look is good, I like the variety of icons and layouts. So skinning looks pretty good to me.
    As for other times and places I use my Axim , it would be great to get things started quicker, without having to get the stylus out.

  10. Pick me Pick Me, I used the last version and it worked pretty well. Now with the upgrade, I can use themes which make it even better. So far the trial version is working out, no problems as of yet

  11. I currently use SPB Mobile Shell, which was the first PDA/phone UI I’ve ever gotten excited about. I still love it, but it does have some limitations. I’d really enjoy being able to compare it with Winterface and, if Winterface is better, to switch over without paying $20 for it (it’s hard to justify paying _twice_ — once for Mobile Shell and once for Winterface — for what is essentially a luxury item, as I was able to do everything I need to do with what came on the phone originally). Thanks for the contest.

  12. I would like to win becasue I am short on cash (as I am sure everyone is). However from time to time I like to try new UI’s. I have used a lot; iPhoneToday (still my fav); TF2D and TF3D, standard, Wisbar, iFonz, WM 6.5, and a few others that were ok. So addintg this to my list would be great.

  13. i am a medstudent , bought the fuze saving money and living in bangladesh. and show me some love plz

  14. Winterface is a new feature for me and I would loveeeeeeeeee to try it. I am using my great tilt ..which is cool but I love letting people know about the my phone:) rocks..and I just want it to rock some more!

  15. I love changing from on interface to another. So Winterface is a good choice for me. My old HTC home is boring now.

  16. I would love to try on new stuff all the times! I’m really tired of standard windows mobile interface. ~>o<~ I love "WINTERFACE"! Yoohoo~

  17. […] you’re eager to win a copy of Winterface you go here read the rules and participate in the […]

  18. I started to use Winterface 1.x from it’s early beta because of lovin that great (simple and agile!) idea to be able mixin up any objects underneath my finger! There’re many iPhone clones around but Winterface has it’s own spirit and style. 2.x review shows up – Winterface is getting much flexible but holding the same idea! That’s great! Actually I’ll buy that one anyway, but I’ll appeciate if you decide to give it to me as an encouragement for my from-the-heart words.

  19. Winterface – the interface that my expensive phone is so missing. Will not only make my phone look cool but also more productive and easy to use. Vito products are cutting edge and have great looks.

  20. I would NOT like to have a copy because the home button doesnt work with Winterface and because Winterface makes a mess of the icons when you change screen orientation.

  21. I think that Winterface is an excellent application, easy to use, fast and very simple with all the alternatives that i need. I like it.

  22. I have been using Winterface 1.x along with 4 of your other products. They are GREAT!!! I have recommended these to all the window mobile users I know and would like to have the update to use and learn the benifits to me so I can express why my other Friends should buy this version. If I don’t win, I hope you will offer an update price since I have already purchased both winterface alone and the suite, which included winterface. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  23. Winterface is simply the best WinMo shell out there. And the new version is faster, cleaner and more customizable than it’s predecessor. I would love to win a copy!

  24. I installed Winterface 2.0 and i fell in love instantly! I don’t want to put my phone in my pocket ever because it’s so fun and practical! I also love that i can have a complete screen full of contacts, it beats speed dial! lol

  25. I’d love to try it out. I’ve heard great things about it. I’ve tried SPB, TF3D 2/2.1, Titanium. Always looking for something new!

  26. cmon! im always lookin for something new. tf3d, tf3d2, tf3d2.1, chrom, and just plain ol’ 6.1/6.5 just havent satisfied my need for something new.

  27. My first baby boy was born on Sept 24th, and I think I should get Winterface 2.0 as an early fathers day present!

  28. Would like to use this interface on my touch hd..has been experimenting with touch flo/spb mobile shell/spb pocket plu and want to give a preview of this also.

  29. I have used mobile shell for many years now and would definitely like to try Winterface 2.0. Features look very impressive

  30. This just looks too good to not go for a free copy!
    I enjoy TouchFlo 3d a lot, but am very interested in something this finger-friendly…

  31. I’d like to try Winterface because I am a little frustrated with so many of the other UI options that just seem to get more and more complicated!

  32. I would love to win a copy of Winterface 2.0, because the only thing I’ve ever gotten for free was syphilis!

    Here’s hoping that a little humor gets me a free copy. :-)

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