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Winterface 2.0 Giveaway Time

First we gave you a preview of Winterface 2.0 filled with pics and then we told you when it was officially released and now we’re proud to offer you with the opportunity to get a copy for free. We have five copies to give away and the rules are simple – post a comment about why you would like to have a copy of Winterface 2.0 to this posting to be entered. Only one entry per person (duplicate entries will result in all entries after the first being dismissed). Winners will be chosen randomly. And remember to use your real email address so we can contact you with the key (nope, we won’t use it for any other purpose). Of course, staff cannot participate in this contest – that’s the penalty for contributing to the community:) 

The contest will run for one week and close Friday October 2nd at midnight (EST). Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratuliations to our winners: Dave S, Microdou, Scott (Epix), Praveen and Mauro.