I am in the market for a new phone now since the mic on my Tmobile touch pro 2 took a dump and while looking over some phones over at Wirefly I noticed that they had the Kin one and Kin two for a decent price with contract on Verizon. I have Tmobile so this wont work for me but I figured I would pass this on to someone else if they are in the market for a new phone on Verizon network and like the Kin phones.

The Kin one is actually free with a new contract and free shipping as well. This is the cheapest I have seen the Kin one but other places like Best Buy have it for free also but with mail in rebates which can be a pain in the rear end. You do need a data plan with the phone and the cheapest data plan is $30 but you have to get a data plan no matter where you buy the phone. If you haven’t seen the Kin one or don’t know what I am talking about look that this review over at testfreaks.com by our very own Kristofer.  Link to Wirefly site.

Wirefly is offering the Kin two for just $39.99 with contract and free shipping. You need a data plan with this phone too and again thanks to our own Kristofer we have a review of the Kin two at Testfreaks.com. Link to Wirefly site.

If anyone has a kin one or kin two let us know what you think about it.


  1. I have had the kin one for a few days right now . I really love the interface and everything of the phone I am just not too happy of the shape and design. I might switch to a Kin two soon. Lets see what happens. This is a good deal btw. I think i paid like $40 for my kin one.

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