Like word games? Ok go download Wordament from You vs. the Internet for Windows Phones. No, I’ll wait for you, just get it over with. In it’s simplest form, it’s a game of Boggle. You know, there are 16 letter tiles and you need need to form as many words as possible and you can make words by going up/down, side to side and diagonally. Here’s the kicker though – you’re playing the same board as everyone else is playing. See, it’s a 2 minute game and as soon as the game is over you see the board you played, your words and all possible words. Then you see how you stacked up to everyone else playing the same board as you. And ten seconds later a new board starts up and you can play against the world again.

The game itself is a straightforward and well executed version of Boggle. The real time element really adds to the level of competition and keeps you playing to see if you can improve. And you notice a few names and try to get above them. Well, you’ll get into quickly.

Oh, how expensive is it? Free. Yeah, there are ads that appear between boards. And so far all of the reviews are 5 stars. I’m into this one already. Great execution and a great concept.


  1. Wow! Thank you for the very kind words. We are hard at work on a bunch of updates based on the great feedback we’ve had from our users. Look for more to come! And, until then… see you online. :-)

  2. Beware… This game is hyper addictive and you may need a swift kick from your spouse or friends to put it down.

  3. I am so addicted already. I was on it in bed until 4am this morning!! One more go…Just to try and get in the top 20 lol!! 19th is my best so far but I have a cracked screen which makes it a bit slower. Can’t wait to get phone repaired!!!

    For once an excellent W7 app!!!

    And it’s free!!!

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