It’s so big I can’t even put it all together. We’ll have more on why this is so big later today but I wanted to give you all a sound board to shout out your thoughts. I’ve already heard one developer tell me he was considering porting his game to Android and has already decided that there’s no need to. What a difference a day makes.

Oh, I’m talking about the Nokia Microsoft thing if you didn’t’ know…I understand from the title you could think I was talking about…other things.


  1. 1. Never been too impressed with the design of Nokia devices. They are always kind of gimmicky, to me – and their keyboards are always poorly rated…so, I am not sure how this will affect the design of Windows phones looking forward.

    2. Has there been any response from HTC? They are pretty much the WM OEM of record and invested a bit, I am sure, to make WP7 the success it has been so far. Will they jump the M$ ship and sail more exclusively on the Android ocean? And what about Samsung and LG (I am sure Dell will stay in the fold – but they’ll have to deliver a device – at some point).

  2. @Durishin: The hardware Nokia uses is pretty fancy. Like 12mp cameras with Carl Zeiss lenses. They’ll push MSFT to adopt hardware quicker.
    HTC was great for Windows Mobile but now they’re an Android manufacturer. With WP7 they are supporting it but Samsung actually has more sales than HTC for WP7 and Samsung doesn’t seem to take sides. They just want to move product. All in all, consider that Google releases a phone that competes with the rest of the manfuacturers every year (Nexus line) and they get away with that…

  3. HTC’s WP7 efforts are laughable compared to their focus on android. I peronally would not care if I never used another HTC device ever again, poor cameras (over 10 years of experience and they havent managed 1 decent camera phone), poor screens, regurgitated designs – what exactly did HTC bring to the WP7 table apart from their starstruck fans?

  4. Wow… it amazes me how most of you have short term memory. You literally can’t think past the screen whatever device you own, or like the most.

    I doubt HTC will be pushed out of the WP7 game anymore so than they are pushed out of Android with Samsung making the Android flagship device.
    If anything hopefully it will force HTC to step their game up… even though their WP7 devices being as “weak” as they are has more to do with market research as ‘inability’ or unwillingness to deliver.
    Dealing with Nokia just makes the WP7 umbrella larger and more global. HTC will (or should) be fine in this.

  5. @ Durishin

    Huh? Having the best phone camera’s in the business is gimmicky? Do a search for “we really couldn’t have been more impressed by the hardware” and you’ll find hundreds of references to nokia because that has been their theme the last few years (incredible phones, keyboards and all) terrible software.

  6. Indeed! Great cameras! But keyboards that no one covets! They always had far better screens than WM phones – perhaps because Symbian can resolve 256k colours and WM only 62k. But their designs have just always seemed to me to be trying to hard to be stylish – at the sake of hand (and finger) friendliness.

    But, as I said on another blog, they can take WP7 downmarket and grow share that way. Something which iOS will have a harder time doing. And they’ll undoubtedly come up with a 48MP phone wearing a Carl Zeiss lens, bit it will have a totally rubbery feeling slide-out keyboard that marginalizes it or no storage or a tiny 800mA battery. They always leave something unoptimized.

  7. @David: Mine is huge too… :-P
    And I use it everyday, at day, at night, at home, at work. I play with it all day long, even on the bus or when I lay on my bed.
    I’m proud of its size and I receive a lot of great response of people who’ve seen it and even touched it.
    I’m really happy that I own such a beautiful piece if art… :-)
    I don’t know what I would do without it!
    Gee, I’m glad I have one… Oh wait! What ate you thinking of? You dirty minded people! I’m talking about my Samsung Galaxy S LOL

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