So for the first time developers are now given access to sales data from Microsoft. There are a few interesting tidbits. First off, not all of you downloaded Krashlander (still shocking to me but if you’ve tried it check out my triple kill). Seriously though, Krashlander is the #32 paid app and has yielded about 700 downloads (at $.99 per).

Another interesting note is that ad revenue is putting out some real revenue and that model seems to be effective. Check this Tweet from Roger Peters noting that the daily ad revenue of a simple magic black ball app is exceeding the total sales revenue of a much more complex game:

Also, Justin Angel’s Neurons app (which is free and streams TED Talks, The RSA (and RSA Animate), and Science Dump to your Windows Phone 7) is seeing about 2,000 downloads in a month. Other devs are also pleased with these initial numbers based on the amount of time the platform has been available.

What do you guys think? Maybe this is the beginning of the Android approach. No, not filling the market with shit. I mean that if ads do really pay out then you’ll see $.99 apps disappear and ad based (free) apps take over since people think twice about spending even $1 but downloading a free app is thoughtless…


  1. I’ll take a free app anytime, since I don’t need to think twice before removing it. While if I paid $.99 and up for it, it would hurt even more if I spend my money on crapware.

  2. What would be the best in my opinion is apps are free with ads, but if you want you can pay
    to get rid of the ads.

  3. Exactly. Trial = Ads & $$$ = No Ads. That would be a good model. Gives everyone choices and easy for developers to turn off/on. And everybody wins.

  4. Oh no, please. I’d rather pay 5 or 30 bucks for an app than see those banners everywhere. I’m beginning to hate Google for spreading the concept.

  5. Agreed. But give me a fully functional trial app, with banner ads, that I can test (and tolerate) for a couple days before I decide to sink my couple/few bucks into it. If the app sucks, the app and banner ads go away. That’s fair.

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