Not going to lie, it’ looks a lot clunkier than I was hoping. I mean, to take this long and have nothing fancy going on…maybe it’s just me, but check out this video from PocketNow

This is from a developer device that received an OS update.

Anyway, am I missing something or is this simple and have relatively moderate (at best) performance? I guess we just need it but for all the talk of it being like the Kin and it taking so long because of the UI…then to get this.


  1. @ DavidK

    Am not looking at the same video you are? He selected txt and pasted it in an email…isn’t that what everyone was bitching to get? Did you want the phone to do a backflip after it was done? =P

    Curious though, what were you expecting?

  2. @IDrankBlueKoolAid: Rumor was that it was ‘Kin’ like. Grab stuff (text, pictures, whatever) and drop it to the corner of the screen. You can then retrieve stuff that was stored there to paste into other things or email several pics together. What the video looks like is what my PC looks like. iOS gives a magnifying glass thing. In the end, I expect something different than a PC I guess. If it had a Kin element that would ahve been nice since that’s one of the few really nice things the Kin did – stored stuff for you to grab later and paste/attach when it was easiest.

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