“Put away your cameras, turn off all the recording devices… we do not want to see out in the blogosphere” – guess that was the signal to the group of people to record what Stephen Elop was going to show them. And here it is, leaked out on the web, which Stephen Elop calls “super confidential” – Nokia’s first Windows Phone device.

Although the phone looks very much similar to Nokia N9, from the pictures, video below it’s clear that it’s indeed a new device as it has LED placed at a different place, there is also a hardware camera button. But still there is a question mark in the title, that’s because none of the pic shows us the three “necessary” WP7 buttons on the front side of the device – Home, Back & Search.


What do you think, this is just a prototype device for testing WP7 or it’s indeed the first Nokia WP7 device? Let us know at the comments section below. Hit the source link to watch the full uncut video (for some reason, we are not able to watch the uncut video.)

Update: We weren’t able to watch the full uncut video of the device earlier. But now, when someone uploaded the video to YouTube, it’s very clear, the phone you see above is indeed “Nokia’s first Windows Phone device” codenamed, Nokia Sea Ray.

Video is 21:45 minutes long.

Via: Winrumors
Source: Technetblog (1) (2)


  1. Whoa. I could have sworn that the various blogsites said that the first WP7 from nokia was going to have a keyboard though… either way, I’ll wait for the official word.

  2. Yes this is a prototype device. I wonder if this is a little misinformation coming from Nokia. If it isn’t then sign me up for one and i’ll gladly pay for it unlocked.

    The thinness of the device is great and the 8MP Carl Zeiss lense is phenomenal. Nice lush screen too topped off with the all black look makes it stunning.

  3. @MuraniLewis:

    I don’t know about this one. It didn’t seem like a prototype device to me. The way Elop was talking about it, seems to me that they want to go to market with this phone.

    (he referenced this phone and a few more “totally different” devices that they have deliver on),

    • By prototype i mean that judging by feedback from blogs and press they can go back and tweak it. After Elop put all other OEMs on blast for having Windows Phone play second fiddle to Android they have to produce a flagship device.

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